Some silly random comics Renna and I came up with whilst doodling together! The duckling-crushing thing actually has an explanation, I swear XD Whilst reading about German POWs in Russia, I came across this article that had a rather morbid story about a man who witnessed a Russian officer killing a duckling. Warning: Content may be disturbing, but you can read the excerpt below

The next morning Lorman watched as a Red Army soldier frolicked with a golden duckling in the spring sunshine. When called to report to a nearby house, the man suddenly dashed the bird to the floor and crushed it dead under his boot heel. For Lorman, it was a terrifying moment. “I don’t want to believe that the central actor in this story was really a Russian,” he recalled. “I cannot describe my feelings at the time. Later when the initial shock wore off, I told myself to be very wary of these people. From that day on I was determined to humor them and to avoid the fate suffered by the beautiful duckling.”

Thereafter, Renna and I decided that the Russians had an insatiable thirst for duckling blood XDD at least THESE boys do. Enjoy!

PS: >.> I tend to deal with some morbid subjects with humor, because if I can’t, I’d just be be depressed. XD