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Thick As Thieves

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Summary: New recruit Miles von Schon finds himself at the training grounds in Wewelsburg Castle- an SS Reich Leader School . It’s a place forbidden, reserved for gods among men, but perhaps the stakes are higher than Miles understands. (Some Historical background: Wewelsburg Castle was purchased by Heinrich Himmler and meant to be the racial and occult center of the Schutzstaffel brotherhood including an SS Reich Leader School that never became actualized. It remained in construction until the end of the war. In this story, however, Wewelsburg is represented as Himmler intended.)

Main Characters

Miles von Schon: New SS recruit, Garrett’s friend; son of the propagandist and NSDAP officer Adler von Schon

Garrett Bhaer: Wehrmacht infantryman; Miles’ friend before he joins the SS

SS-Oberscharfuehrer Erich Friedmann: Level-headed chief squad leader who takes his job seriously and professionally with a particular interest in Felix Roth

SS-Oberscharfuehrer Gerhard Richter: Antagonist, Erich’s rival; chief squad leader with more ties in the occult and mysticism of the SS than the militaristic side

SS-Scharfuehrer Christoph Wolf: Squad leader and combat trainer

SS-Unterscharfuehrer Jeremias Schlusser: Idealogical educator; Wolf’s second

Felix Roth: ‘The Crooked German”; crippled SS recruit with an unbelievable history; the underdog

Siegurd Hahn: SS recruit; farm boy

Alena Lauritz: Nurse at Wewelsburg Castle

Fox Trotting

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Summary: In the summer of 1939, Fate throws Marszenka Jabłońska into Germany and the path of one Miles von Schon. But their unlikely friendship is immediately threatened by a changing world and a looming war…and the suspicions of one Gerhard Richter don’t make anything easier.

Main Characters

Marszenka Jabłońska: A Polish flower girl who falls under the care of Miles; works as a seamstress with Elfried “Elfie” Hasenkamp

Miles von Schon: SS Gestapo member and son of the famed Adler von Schon; struggles with his role in the Reich

Adler von Schon: Ex-Kriegsmarine officer; now political figure of the NSDAP in charge of propaganda

SS-Scharfuehrer Christoph Wolf: Miles’ trainer & friend from Wewelsburg

SS-Untersturmfuehrer Gerhard Richter: Antagonist; corrupt interrogator who has a personal vendetta against Poland, the resistance, and the von Schon family

Elfie Hasenkamp: Marszenka’s employer. Owns a tailor shop, engaged to Waffen-SS General Reiner Kraus; longtime friend of the von Schon family

Other Characters: General Reiner Kraus; SS-Untersturmfuehrer Erich Friedmann; Ivar Bergfalk; Krieg

Mending Fences

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Summary: After the war, Christoph Wolf and his wife Marszenka, now living in America, find ties to Christoph’s family through an unlikely turn of events.

Main Characters

Christoph Wolf: Ex-Gestapo member turned Resistance worker in WWII, husband to Marszenka

Marszenka Jabłońska-Wolf: Polish Holocaust survivor; Christoph’s wife

Dr. Kenneth Woods: American WWII field medic; the only German-speaking doctor in a small medical firm in town

Dr. Franz Steinbach: Jewish Holocaust survivor. A dedicated and hard-working local doctor, has ties to the Wolf brothers from his encampment

Georg Wolf: Christoph’s oldest brother

Other Characters: Carla Prochazka, Adele Woods

Caged Nightingale Canon




Caged Nightengale

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Summary: Marszenka Jabłońska is maid-slave to Waffen-SS General Reiner Kraus and hoping to find help, but places her trust in the wrong hands. Her mistake costs her more than her freedom.

Main Characters

Marszenka Jabłońska: A Polish girl taken by Reiner Kraus as a personal maid

General Reiner Kraus: Waffen-SS general with an obsession over the young Pole

Gerhard Richter: Gestapo officer infamous for pursuing fellow Reich members for treachery

Yasmina Janz: Richter’s right-hand woman and spy

Other Characters: Elfie Kraus, Adler von Schon, Knochenmus, Samuel Weschler

Between the Lines

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Summary: 1941 Germany. After a traumatizing escape from the clutches of General Reiner Kraus, Marszenka Jabłońska finds comfort in an unlikely band of three Gestapo members, earning the love of the leader, Christoph Wolf. But it isn’t long before Christoph’s contradictory alliances cause tension among his crew.

Main Characters

Marszenka Jabłońska: Escaped from Kraus’ service, friend to Yasmina Janz, Christoph’s love interest

SS-Scharfuehrer Christoph Wolf: Big-brother figure to Felix and Jeremias, has a loyal crush on Marszenka

SS-Unterscharfuehrer Jeremias Schlusser: Christoph’s right-hand man and suite-mate

SS recruit Felix Roth: Suite-mate with Jeremias and Christoph, Erich’s prodigy

SS-Untersturmfuehrer Erich Friedmann: Gestapo officer who trained Christoph and the crew in Wewelsburg

SS-Untersturmfuehrer Gerhard Richter: Wounded after an altercation with Reiner Kraus; notoriously unstable emotionally and mentally; Yasmina Janz’ former love interest and ‘owner’

Yasmina Janz: Suffered with Marszenka under Kraus’ possession. Formally Richter’s right hand man and spy; under the care of Erich Friedmann

Other Characters: Brigadefuehrer Knochenmus, Miles von Schon

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A Rose by Another Name Canon



A Rose by Another Name

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Summary: A little over a decade after the war, Samuel Weschler and his wife Marszenka struggle to put the past behind them and enjoy their new life in America. It can sometimes be a challenge, especially when Sam’s daughter Chaya becomes involved with the son of her family’s old enemy, Reiner Kraus. Some wounds seem too painful to forget, let alone forgive, but after a timely course in Shakespeare the children can’t help trying.

Main Characters

Chaya Weschler: Samuel’s daughter who was very young during the war; survived the Holocaust but doesn’t remember much of it

Dimitri Kraus: Born during the war and remembering none of it; subjected to his father’s biased teachings his whole life

Samuel Weschler: Chaya’s father and Marszenka’s husband. Holocaust survivor thanks to the help of his friend Garrett Bhaer; accountant working in America now

Marszenka Jabłońska-Weschler: Samuel’s wife and survivor as well, once in the hands of General Reiner Kraus as his maidservant and friend of his wife, Elfie. Helped raise Dimitri when he was born until she was relocated

General Reiner Kraus: General of the Waffen-SS. Escaped arrest at the end of the war and lives with Dimitri in Samuel’s town; vows revenge on the Weschler family for taking his obsession, Marszenka. His wife Elfie passed away during the war under suspicious conditions; still hopes for a revival of the Reich

Garrett Bhaer: Longtime friend of the Weschlers. Aided them throughout the war; friend to Miles von Schon; currently living in the same American town

Miles von Schon: Kommandant of the camp Samuel was taken to. Longtime friend of Garrett Bhaer who lives near the others. Sides with the General in the Reich’s ideals and acts as a sort of second-father to Dimitri, playing the fence between the Krauses and the Weschlers

Other Characters: Thomas Weschler, Bella